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March 31, 2011

Ray Thomas’ Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists has become the defacto bible when it comes to bicyclists rights and responsibilities on the road.

Pedal Power Legal Guide

Pedal Power Legal Guide
© Ray Thomas
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Now in it’s 7th edition and created in conjunction with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), the guide is an

“indispensable resource for bicycling in Oregon. In this [guide], you’ll find the laws that govern bicycling in our state, and a wealth of information about how those laws have been applied and interpreted. You’ll also find stories, safety tips, and advice about what to do if you’re in a crash.”

Posted here with permission from Ray Thomas of Swanson Thomas & Coon, Attorneys at Law, click the image, or this link to download a PDF version of the guide to use as your reference.

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